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With each yoga posture, the organs, the muscles and the skeletal frame are nourished by a fresh supply of blood carrying nutrition and oxygen.  Each cell of the body is enlivened.

My classes aim to be progressive whilst maintaining basic tradition.

Hatha is usually translated from Sanskrit (the earliest known Indo-European ancient language in which yoga was originally taught) to mean “sun and moon” – with the “ha”  representing the sun energy and the “tha” representing the moon energy.

Hatha yoga is a discipline requiring great physical effort on a symbolic as well as physical level.  Hatha means a balancing of energies.

I will aim to help achieve greater health and well being on a level of physical and spiritual, flexibility and strength.

yoga is not a religion.  It is a discipline without dogma.  Therefore a person of any faith or fellowship can be considered a yogi

I also teach one to one, group and corporate sessions.

The sessions are generic in style with the focus towards wellness and enlightenment through physical, mental and spiritual means.  I blend elements of other styles that stand alone as a specific form.  I present an overall style of the physical discipline while bridging the gaps between East and West,  ancient and progressive, physical and spiritual, science and art, flexibility and strength.

Regular yoga practice helps us deal with daily stress, anxiety, pain or grief.  A sense of objectivity is developed, so we can learn to stand apart and address life’s situations.  Yoga strengthens inner resilience.

My classes involve a number of techniques which work together to bring about health and tranquillity, these techniques include:

  • physical postures (asanas) – the basis of yoga, asanas work gently to increase flexibility, strengthen the muscles and tone all body systems.
  • breathing exercises (pranayama) – these techniques help to increase energy levels, calm the emotions and sharpen the mind.
  • meditation (dhyana) – bring a quietness to the whole being and offers a personal refuge from internal and external stresses.
  • total relaxation (yoga nidra) – a deep relaxation of the body and mind which soothes and rejuvenates.

All these aspects of yoga practice act together to nurture the whole being.  Yoga is a non-competitive activity, a gentle art.  There is no puffing, no panting, no strain and no pain.  You respect your body, work at your own pace and simply enjoy precious time away from daily cares.