I have been coming to Susan’s yoga classes for over 6 years and can not recommend them highly enough.  They provide a lovely balance of exercise, relaxtion and meditation that  leaves me feeling refreshed and renergised.  Susan is an excellent teacher – calm, knowledgeable and an inspiration to the whole class.  Debbie Muller

I have been attending Susan’s yoga classes for some nine years. Her approach, dedication and professionalism are 100% and her following is a testament to the work and preparation she puts into each session.  She welcomes newcomers and old-timers, like me, with the same enthusiasm and interest. I have also experienced Reiki and Indian Head Massage with her, both of which were excellent. Susan is hosting a Yoga retreat in August at Brancaster and I just can’t wait for what I am sure will be a wonderful weekend. Valerie Chaffer

Susan’s lessons are a joy. As a novice I really appreciate the planning that Susan puts into each lesson; how it fits into the overall programme yet relates to the individuals’ needs. I am aware of her monitoring us as we attempt to perform each movement, and her persuasive encouragement at each stage helps me attain more than I had expected.
Her planning ensures that classes are varied and  progressive , while gently encouraging us to be aware of, and her commitment to, the principles of Yoga.
She is exemplary in her teaching & practice and it is a delight to be in her class ( even when she makes you find muscles you didn’t know you had).
I feel very fortunate to have Susan as a teacher. Meryl

I have been attending Susan’s Yoga classes for about 11 years and I am very impressed by the way she teaches. She is friendly and welcoming and at the same time thorough and informative and is always happy to answer any questions about all aspects of Yoga. I started attending the classes because I hoped it would help my back, which had troubled me for years. My back is much improved and I am considerably more flexible. My chiropractor has confirmed the improvement and has attributed it to the Yoga I do at Susan’s classes and at home. I have found Yoga beneficial for my general health. By using particular postures and techniques for specific issues such as relieving muscle tension, insomnia, headaches and dealing with the day-to-day stresses of a busy working life it has become invaluable. Geoff

Susan, along with her yoga teaching, has been a total inspiration to me.  I can not imagine life without yoga and the benefits I feel from it.  Pauline Harrold