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Yoga was first introduced to the Western world as a result of colonisation of India during the 18th and 19th centuries.  Indian teachers of yoga travelled west and ancient texts were translated.
Today yoga is very popular.  In most cities and towns, yoga classes are available.  The gentle exercise, the relaxation, the refuge from daily stress prove yoga to be the ideal pastime for the modern world.
Yoga is an ancient philosophy, but it has stood the test of time and is appropriate for any person, in any place and era.
Patanjali, a Hindu sage, was the first to rationalise and commit to writing the basic philosophies of yoga practice.  He did this in eight concise aphorisms or small paragraphs.  These aphorisms, thought to be written somewhere between 200 BC and 300 AD, are easy to comprehend.  They offer a set of eight practices and principals for a healthy, contented life.

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The eight limbs of yoga practice are:

1.  Yama:  moral code of a universal nature

2.  Niyama:  personal conduct

3.  Asanas:  the practice of postures

4.  Pranayama:  breath control

5.  Pratyahara:  control of the senses

6.  Dharana:  the power of concentration

7.  Dhyana:  the stillness of meditation

8.  Samadhi:  contemplation and reflection



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My yoga journey began 20 years ago.  From my first deep breath to calm, cleanse and refresh I knew it had beginnings of vastness I would never want to end.

I uphold in high regard the philosophy, the very essence of yoga itself and am in awe of this unique, wonderful and rewarding knowledge bestowed within the practice.

My approach is through Hatha with variation to other styles.  Training with BSY undergoing an intensive 500 hour yoga teacher-training programme going onto the worldwide governing body of the international Yoga federation.  I continue to study with other inspiring teachers.


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