I have been a yoga teacher and practitioner for over thirty-six years and am as enthusiastic today about the wonderful science and lifestyle as I was the first time I came to practice.

About Susan

When I think of yoga, I go far beyond the ‘mat’ and the ‘pose’. I look for the space in each of us between what happens in our lives and how our bodies and minds respond. Tuning into and connecting more intimately within our bodies internal space, paying attention to make a conscious effort to breathe more deeply and getting to know yourself on the inside, your ‘interior’ you, that truly wonderful quiet, silent space, where there is so much more to explore!

Exploring and being inquisitive is what led me to the lifestyle of yoga. My love, passion, commitment and a desire to serve, all of which leads me to deepen, nurture, access and cultivate a daily practise that guides me to a place which meets happiness within.

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