Winter Solstice & Blessings

winter solstice 2015 (1)Namaste lovely people

What a beautiful time in the year and season it has been and continues to be! I hope you have been able to set some time aside to welcome a more restorative yoga practice as we now begin to celebrate winter solstice.

Winter Solstice on December 22nd marks the shortest and longest night of the year, when the sun is at its lowest arc in the sky! Solstice can be a magical, contemplative time, a night of spiritual reconnection and ritual. While solstice may not have gained the notoriety of Christmas, many people celebrate it as a deeply meaningful holiday and a time to celebrate renewal, birth and gratitude for the coming light.

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Symbolically, the solstice is a time of turning inward, into the darkness, into the depths of the unknown.  It is a time of tuning into a deep sense of intuition – trusting your inner voice.  Many people like to use solstice as a time of deep meditation – to reflect on what has been and what will be.

Embrace the evening of the solstice by turning off the lights, light several candles, meditate or simply sit in quietness as you reflect on the many gifts in your life.  Enjoy the opportunity for quiet contemplation and set an intention for the coming year.

Invite the impending light into your heart and vow to live joyfully and light heartedly!

Thank you to all my wonderful yoginis and yogis for joining me this year, it has been amazing practising alongside you.  You are all beautiful people.

Classes start back from Monday 4th January 2016! If you would like further information on these, workshops, retreats or any of my alternative therapies, please contact me via website, FB, e. Mail or phone.

Yoga Blessings for a healthy, happy, peaceful holiday and New Year with love and joy!

Hugs Susan xx

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All photos © Debbie Harris, 2up Photography

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