Winter Balancing Tips!

Susan Yoga Dec 14 (2)

Namaste wonderful friends x

Brrrrrr, I do hope you are keeping warm with your winter hats on!!

We are now in a time observing the seasonal rhythms and changes of nature.  To be in harmony with winter it’s necessary to cultivate awareness and shift with the season.

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Winter is a season of yin qualities; coldness, dampness, heaviness, darkness and inertia. Because of this natural shift into stillness, it’s not unusual to experience lethargy, sluggishness and the typical winter blues.  To ward off wintertime blues, it’s important to practice radical self-care.  Feed yourself fuel, keep up your yoga, engage in intellectual stimulation, practice awareness and follow these simple balancing measures: Choose warm foods and beverages, wear a hat (60% of body heat is lost through the head) and a scarf. Use humidifiers if  possible. Avoid naps during the day. Regularly engage in Yoga. Do things that make you feel good. Write down 10 self-supporting things that you love to do.  Keep the list in a place you can easily access it. Refer to it if you feel low on energy to help lift your mood. Surround yourself with bright, energising colours like red, orange, gold and purple. Hydrate and moisturise to offset dryness from indoor heating. Do not hibernate, turn off the TV. Get your booty off the couch!!  Engage in self-supporting and stimulating activities.  Read a book, go for a brisk walk.  Indulge in some Yoga. DO SOMETHING!! Incorporate warming spices into your diet such as garlic, ginger, cumin, black pepper, cloves, turmeric and cayenne. Take time to still your  mind. Practice a short meditation. Listen to music. Create an enlivening winter playlist for when you feel the winter blues.  Use warming essential oils like eucalyptus, cedar and clove. Early to bed, early to rise!! Practice heating forms of Pranayama; Breath of Fire, Ujjayi and Agni Sara (Cleansing breath), if you are unfamiliar with these, focus on your deep belly breathing.

Be in sync with the season and enjoy it for it’s natural changes and beauty!

I will be holding a candlelit Yoga Session to welcome the New Year, Thursday January 8th from 6pm, details to follow……

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Susan Yoga Dec 14 (3)

Susan Yoga Dec 14 (6)WINTER

And the waves, gush pearls from their snowy throats

as they come leaping over the moss – green, black, green, glass-green roughage

as they crumble on the incline, scattering whatever they carry in their invisible

and motherly hands; stones, seaweed, muscles, icy and plump with waled shells,

waiting for the gatherers who come flying on their long white wings,

who comes walking, who comes muttering,

thank you, and dainties, dark wreckage, coins of the sea in my pockets and plenty for

the gulls and the wind still pounding and the sea still streaming in

like a mother wild with gifts –

In this world I am as rich as I need to be!  – (by Mary Oliver)

See you back here soon friends to celebrate Winter Solstice!

Yoga blessings

Stay warm and wrapped!!

Love Susan xx

Susan Yoga Dec 14 (9)All photos © Debbie Harris, 2up Photography

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