Ah Spring, so nice to see you after the cold of winter and hello dear friends!

We are all in need of some sunshine. Spring has the perfect balance, the time between the full light of summer and the full darkness of winter. The Spring Equinox is the time of emergence from the winter shell, the time of re- birth, Spring returning from the cold, softened by the new light!

Through your yoga practice, spend some time both physically and mentally working with Pranayama to clear away anything from the old season and choose a new seed to plant for the coming season. Experience this magic time of year and re-inspire your life both on and off the mat. Back bends and twists to detox, forward bends to strengthen the most vulnerable meridians and empower the organ system. Finish with deep relaxation.

Start to bring into your life what you really want and embrace this glorious time of year!!

I will be letting you know details in my next post about this years yoga retreat that I am hosting, so keep watching!

‘Just as the gentle rain falls from the heavens, fills the streams and rivers, and blends together in the vast ocean, so too may all the moments of your goodness pour out in one great flow to awaken and to heal us all.’

Spring Blessings

Love Susan x

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