Dear yogis and friends,

I have just had the most wonderful time last weekend hosting the summer retreat at the beautiful North Norfolk coast of Brancaster.  My heartfelt thank you’s to Angie, Anna, Barbara, Jo, John, Karen, Meryl, Pauline and Valerie without whom it wouldn’t have been possible! An amazing group of people and a momentous few days.  I would like to also thank Alex for hosting our beautiful walks, we had superb weather and to the lovely Amanda for the most tasty wholesome food,  a lot of which is sourced locally.Thank you, thank you xx

I am away again this weekend and wanted to update you all before we head into September and the approach of the Autumnal Equinox (watch my news next month for more on that). Please book for October Workshop, Saturday 15th at Broom Hall Country Hotel, 10am-1pm, Chakras and related postures and my December Workshop same place and time, Relaxation, techniques and asanas, each is £15. Lie on your mat in Shavasana and take deep breaths as you allow every skin cell, every bone cell and blood cell in all the areas of your body to relax completely.

Native of eternity, At home in infinity, Breathing immortality. Let these words sing in every cell.  Oceans of splendor. Luminous energies of creation, pulsating everywhere always. Hear these astounding words continually, Each phrase an invocation. Let the sounds ripple through you.  Resonate with the all-pervading hum of the truth, and know, every fleeting moment is supported forever.The Radiance Sutras.

My yoga blessings to you all With Love,

Susan xx

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