Peace: Stress Less

heart-001Namaste Dear Friends

February is the shortest month, winter is passing gradually with the promise of renewal. A little more light at the end of the day signifies Spring is just around the corner.

I thought it would be a good time to dust away the cobwebs of the past few months, which for some, can prove stressful when dealing with the long dark winter nights and guide you through a very simple meditation which can reduce the top 20% off daily stress!

When we are tense, we usually breathe from the upper chest, and tend to hold our breath in. When we relax, however, we let the out-breath go completely. The whole belly loosens up. We also breathe less and there may be long unforced pauses at the end of the out-breath. As our metabolic rate drops we need less air. It takes a lot of oxygen to burn the energy needed to maintain physical tensions. As those tensions go, we don’t need as much air.

It is easy to wind up the tension during the day. But we rarely give ourselves times to relax. This meditation is designed to wind us down just a little to get rid of some of the days events that contribute towards it. We don’t need to function on peak adrenalin all day. Occasional moments of rest make us more efficient overall.

So: Tell yourself to “freeze”. Hold your posture, but not your breathe. You may be at your desk, doing housework, standing in a queue etc. Scan your body slowly up and down, observing areas of excess tension. Don’t change anything yet. Notice how you are breathing. When you feel in tune with yourself, say “defrost”. Allow tension to release. Make little adjustments wherever appropriate – sit or stand straighter, loosen shoulders, neck, eyes, stomach, hands. Don’t stop. Be systematic. Enjoy making finer and finer adjustments. Take a deep breath and sigh as you breathe out. Feel yourself breathing. Can you give the breath more space and freedom? Notice how much your mood is changing. Resume your former activity when ready, retaining an awareness of the body. Enjoy the moment!

February is the month of love and romance – so be mindful of the attention you give to your relationship so you can develop and foster even greater bonds between loved ones!

I will be welcoming the Spring Equinox next month with a celebration and Mala…………..start focusing on your 108 Sun Salutations!! More details to follow soon, venue, date and time. Plus news and events planned.

“Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony” Mohandas Gandhi, Leader of India’s Independence movement

Yoga Blessings with love

See you on your mats!!

Susan xx


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