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Hope you are keeping warm and snug now the crisp mornings and evenings are upon us .  I’m sure you will all be  practicing your heat building Sun Salutations!  The sequences’s Sanskrit name, Surya Namaskar, is literally translated as “bow to the sun.”  As you lift your arms and then bow down, lengthening forward and stepping back, you begin to embody solar energy.  You stretch, strengthen, and warm your whole body from the inside out. But on days when you’re feeling a little depleted or overheated, it’s good to know that Surya Namaskar has a soothing sister sequence in Chandra Namaskar, or Moon Salutation.  As the name suggests, Chandra Namaskar is a quieting sequence that invites you to bow to and cultivate the moon’s soothing lunar energy.

Perhaps Chandra Namaskar isn’t as well known as Surya Namaskar because it hasn’t been around as long.  In all likelihood, it’s an invention of the late 20th century. But the idea of looking to the moon for rejuvenation is certainly not new.  So our Sun Salutation triggers the process of heating our bodies and giving us the internal fire and passion to dive deeply into our yoga study and the Moon Salutation gives us a method for cooling the body, which can help to replenish our vital energy!


Below is a meditation which you can do to cultivate your connection with the moon.  Draw your attention inward, inviting a sense of receptivity into your practice.  To enhance your inward focus, you can repeat a traditional lunar chant, Om somaya namaha, as you move from pose to pose!

Sitting in a comfortable cross legged position.  Slowly become aware of the space between your eyebrows.  Within this space, visualise a full moon in a clear night sky, shining brightly on the waves of the ocean.  The full reflection of the moon penetrates the deep waters, and the cool shade of moonlight catches the tops of the waves as they dance.  See the image clearly and develop an awareness of the feelings and sensations that are created in your mind and body.  Slowly let the visualisation fade and again become aware of the whole body.

You can also practice this standing in Tadasana before you begin your salutation.

In the New Year I will be updating the Gallery on my website and will be adding the Sun and Moon Salutations, the Floor Salutation and the Yang Salutation, so keep watching!!

Before I sign off, a little refreshing drink to make to connect you to your higher self!

Quarter of a pineapple, 175g fresh or frozen blackberries, 120ml fresh orange juice, 1 teaspoon fresh ginger, 2 teaspoons honey, dash of fresh lemon juice and a pinch of cayenne pepper.  place all ingredients in a blender and purée .  Mmmm enjoy!!

Next Head Space session is Thursday 20th December, and then Thursday 31st January 2013!  Let me know if you would like to join me or for further information.  December news page will be a celebration for Winter Solstice, look out for this mid month.

Love and Yoga Blessings

Om Shanti, Shanti, Shanti

Susan x x

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