Spring Yoga Retreat North Norfolk

Namaste dear friends (and belated New Year Blessings)!! 


Now that we have set our intentions for the New Year,  this important time represents an opportunity to make room for new experiences and what you want to bring forward into your life. Our yoga practice invites a renewal, a sence of strength and vitality to take on new challenges, whether it’s physical, mental or emotional. Yoga meets you now …… right where you are! 

In my sessions we have been focusing on our detoxification systems to eliminate external and internal waste products. It’s been a time to love our bodies and skin, tone and improve our minds. Giving our bodies the attention they deserve……… With St Valentines Day approaching …… ‘all we need is love’ and it’s the perfect opportunity now to slow down a little and give back to ourselves! Your practice may turn to heart and shoulder openers like Bow, Cobra, Bound Angle Pose, Bridge, Cat and Camel. 

Whilst writing I have exciting news of my Spring Yoga Retreat, a time to celebrate the new beginnings of Spring as you step away from the demands of daily life for a weekend where you can escape to the peaceful surroundings of the beautiful unspoilt North Norfolk Coastline at Titchwell in the lovely briarfields accommodation for a schedule of yoga and mediation. This will include Hatha Yoga, Yin and Yang Spring balancing and an immersion in beautiful sounds and vibrations as you enjoy a sound bath. This can be very beneficial for healing the body and mind. A deeply relaxing experience which can take you on a journey of self discovery. There will also be time to self explore, whether it’s to read, write, walk or nap …… make your weekend about inner peace and outer glow as you let winters chill melt away….peace and quiet for the mind, refreshing energy for the body! 

Dates are arriving Friday afternoon 26 April 2019 and departing Sunday 28 April 2019 lunchtime at 1pm. Cost for the whole weekend is £375, which includes all accommodation in luxury rooms with double beds for single occupancy and complimentary toiletries, breakfast and lunch. Eight yoga sessions where I will guide you through the shift from Winter into Spring, all food is locally sourced and seasonal with daily specials which reflect local market ingredients too and caters for all dietary requirements. The evening meal/supper will be each individual’s responsibility…..from experience and previous feedback, the food is plentiful and some people felt they may prefer to only have a very light lunch and then evening meal and others felt they only needed one or the other. This will be at your discretion. Places are limited. To secure a place, a deposit of £100 which is non refundable on cancellations unless I can fill the space. Bookings are being taken from now. 

Two more dates for your diaries: Mindful Walking Meditation in my garden, Saturday 11 May 2019, 10.45am-1pm this is an active practice to be consciously aware and moving in the environment rathe than sitting down with your eyes closed. The practice brings you closer to nature and your body. Mindfulness meditation reduces stress, increases sleep and overall wellbeing. At the end of the practice we will enjoy homemade soup round the fire pit! Places limited, £20 per person with a deposit of £10 to secure place, non refundable on cancellation unless I fill the space. Bookings being taken now. 

An outdoor energising summer practice in my garden, Saturday 20 July 2019 10.30am-1pm. One of yoga’s (many) delights is it can literally be done anywhere and nature certainly enhances your practice in an entirely different way to being indoors. Spending time in nature can replenish depleted energy, heighten awareness and bring about many exciting challenges amongst the environment. Come and join me for a wonderful experience, connect to your roots and feel the warmth and power of your sun salutations! This was a great success last year, places limited, £20 per person with a deposit of £10 to secure place, non refundable on cancellation unless I fill the space. Homemade food and refreshments after either in my garden room or under the shade of the umbrellas!        (On both these occasions, the Yoga Loft will be closed).

Furhter events will be notified as and when! For more details of the above or to book places please be in touch either here via my website or susanyoga, FB, Instagram, Twitter, or susanaberdeen07@gmail.com or 07776 440542. 

My studio ‘ The Yoga Loft’ continues to be busy with lots of 1-1’s, yoga Nidra monthly, relaxation, meditations and holistic therapies as well as personal development and events. Booking only by appointment. 

Thats it for now my lovely yogis and yoginis. Keep an eye on my FB and Instagram for lots of photos (with permission) of all of the gorgeous you’s and your continued journeys and experiences. 

So much haste to do, write and let our voice be heard in the silence of eternity, that we forget the one thing that matters: LIVE!   Robert Louis Stevenson 

With love, Susan x x 

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