Late Summer

Namaste my very dear friends xx

I hope you have all had a wonderful summer time, enjoyed and experienced all the things you had wanted to do. We have now completed our house build and my new studio – The Yoga Loft will be open in October. I will be doing Headspace sessions, small group work, 1-1, and allowing the space to be enjoyed for people’s personal development as well as workshops and when the weather permits we will be doing Yoga outside in my garden and refreshing with Chai, herbal teas and chat afterwards, perhaps even the odd post yoga piece of cake or cookies which will be all home made! It is a very special moment and space for me after 26 years of teaching to be able to set up my own small studio to share with you all and to see how it all evolves.


We are in a very important transitional season at the moment, a time to re-centre, create stability, balance and comfort in preparation for the cooler yin stages of autumn and winter. In Yoga we focus on core stability, connecting to the earth and feeling centred. The element for late summer is Earth and this rules the stomach and spleen, the two primary organs of digestion.

Yoga in this late summer season should focus on foundation, connecting with the earth and rooting down. We should use Mula Bandha (pelvic floor) and Uddiyana Bandha (upward abdominal lock) for stability, strength and focus. Side bends and poses that allow you to surrender to the earth are great at this time of year.

A few late summer lifestyle tips to focus on – make some time for yourself after this busy time of year. Take a step back and try to find some balance and harmony in every day. Look after your immune system to ward off infections and maintain a healthy digestive system so it doesn’t have to work overtime to do its job. Boost your lymph by doing inversions or by having your legs up the wall. The colour of the season is Yellow, so ensure you eat foods in season such as peaches, squash, peppers, apricots, all of which contain anti-oxidant, beta-carotene and vitamins C & E, essential nourishment for the immune system. Late summer is a damp time of year so avoids processed or stale foods. Food should be cooked on a low temperature or sautéed to bring out the sweetness of the food. Include lemon, parsley, celery and drink plenty of green and jasmine tea. Exercise at this time of year should be slightly less energetic than full summer, concentrate on building muscle tone, core stability and balance. Strengthen your legs which are your support and connection to the earth.


I will be in touch again very soon to finalise details of the opening date of my studio and to post details of my upcoming Spring Yoga Retreat.

Wonderful to touch base with you all again xx

Always remember ……. YOUR journey has moulded you, for your greater good and it is exactly what it needed to be!

My Yoga Blesings with Love to you all.

Look forward to seeing you on your mats at The Yoga Loft soon!




3 thoughts on “Late Summer

  1. Matt

    Lovely blog Susan. Such a lovely time of year as the air turns crisper and the colours so warm and vibrant with so many shades of yellow dancing to and fro. Exciting to hear news of the loft studio and its launch. Michael and I wish you lots of luck and happy times in this new space. Attending your classes over the past few years has really enriched and strengthened our lives both mentally and physically. Thank you so much for your continued guidance, teachings and wisdom.

  2. Mandy Ashby

    Please could you let me known when you are doing 1-1 or small group sessions? II have not done yoga before but have heard of it’s benefits.
    Thank you

    1. Su Aberdeen Post author

      Hello Mandy, thank you for your enquiry. I try to work a one-one sessions around the persons schedule if I can, so I would need to have a chat. My studio is by appointment and I am more than happy to tutor a practice to suit you. If you give me an idea of your schedule in as far as work or free time, I can look at my diary too. Look forward to hearing from you. Perhaps text me. Kind regards, Susan

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