Hello to you all!

My dear friends, namaste x x 

Oh my goodness it’s been a while since my last post back in September…….I truly haven’t forgotten all of the lovely you. My blog here and any news, info etc is also attached to my FB page so I knew you would be able to go between the two and take a little look. I have been thinking of a little update to my website and making a few changes to the overall look so please bear with me, hence a little quiet in this space of late!

A rather belated Happy New Year to all you lovely yogis and yoginis. I would like to start by thanking you for being a part of my circle of sharing and learning and know that you all make a difference in my life and so I give gratitude for each and everyone of you and hope that your yoga journeys make a difference in your lives too! 

The passing of Winter Solstice means  there is now a very gradual, slow return of the longer days ……. over the next few weeks up to the half way point between winter and spring we should try to stay with the slower rhythms, close to nature and our hearts rather than charging full steam ahead just yet! 

Here we are in this new decade and it is important to remind yourself if you have been setting intentions that an intention does not require you to give up anything nor ask you to work so hard that you dread facing your mat each day or week; what it does instead is ask you to stretch out all your limbs, clear your mind, connect with your breath and help you to focus. An intention can have a deep, personal meaning and help you to make a shift through your thoughts, actions and emotions. Intentions are a starting point of every thought – the seed of creation. A well set intention is a few words of pure, clear, decisive focus that ‘kick starts’ the process of aligning your whole being, your whole life……..it’s a chance to recalibrate, recharge and investigate whatever you are feeling with kindness and compassion. You cannot fail at an intention, if you feel on a particular day that your thoughts are not moving in the direction that you are, try to delight in the next opportunity to start all over again the very next day! 

At this time of year we need to integrate the calming aspects of yoga for an all over gentle detox to allow for physical, mental and environmental release. You might like to consider incorporating into your practice, Revolved Chair Pose to strengthen the lower legs, tone the quads and gluteus. Some deep twists are excellent for aiding digestion by putting gentle pressure on the kidneys, liver and spleen – this will stimulate the removal of toxins while toning your abdominal wall. Twists will also stimulate your heart, improving circulation in the blood, respiratory and lymphatic systems which can also relive sluggishness – sometimes this sluggishness can be more felt in the month of January – try to bring together all the components of your inner being and outer life with some detoxing yoga to leave you feeling increased of energy, hopefully improve sleep, balance hormones, improve digestion and allow you to invite spaciousness in with renewed zest and passion!!! 

Great catching up with you all. Please take a look at my next blog straight after this one with details of some of my events this year and exciting news of my summer retreat in June.

Few photos herewith of  a glorious few days in December where I spent some time in Tenerife and enjoyed my practice daily with a little winter sun! 

My yoga blessings to you all …… don’t forget to take a peek at the next blog too with dates for your diaries and in the meantime, slow down a little still, enjoy some important pauses throughout your day and enjoy the rest …… Spring is round the corner! 

With love, Susan x x 

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