Golden Light!

mypic_jpg(50)Hey, Hello again to all you lovely people!! xx

Feels great to be posting this after a few weeks away from you all! Most of you know I have had to take a little time off from the sessions during August. Thank you all so much for your support, energy, encouragement and good wishes during this time, it has been a great comfort knowing you were there with me along the way…… xx

GOOD NEWS! Yoga classes resume, normal places and normal times, nothing has changed from Friday 6th September inclusive, so looking forward to seeing you again!

Starting this page with a lovely meditation for you to enjoy and one that I have found very useful myself recently…

This particular meditation will help you to refill your cup after any undesirable or unhealthy situation. If you have been surrounded by negativity or just feeling drained in general. It’s also a wonderful meditation when you are working on increasing your intuition or self value. The whole meditation can be done in a minute or two or, if you enjoy it, you can prolong it as long as you like! It is easiest to do with your eyes closed, although you can try it with them open. Practice it a number of times throughout the day. You can’t overdose with golden light!!

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To begin: Take 3 deep breaths, and with each exhale, feel your shoulders relax. Now return to normal breathing.

Imagine a source of golden light above you. It can be a star or a pitcher of light. The light holds the protective energy of unconditional love.

Place your awareness on top of your head. Imagine that the loving and protective golden light is flowing down from above and entering into the top of your head. Visualise your entire head filling up with the golden light. Imagine your body is like a balloon, empty and ready to be filled.

Let the golden light continue to flow from above, through your neck and then into your chest. The golden light is filling you up like a beautiful golden balloon.

Allow the golden light to continue, filling your belly, hips, and bottom, travelling down through your legs, and filling up your toes.

Allow the golden light to continue to come in the top of your head. When you feel that you are so filled with golden light that you are about to burst, let it flow out through your pores and your physical body.

Let the loving golden light flow out of your physical body and imagine it forming a circle of protective and loving light around you. Ensure that the golden light fills your circle equally above, behind, in front of and below you.

Focus on the light entering with each inhale and expand your circle of light as you exhale. If it is easier.

Imagine your circle of golden light is as full, bright and loving as it can be.

Intend the flow of golden light to stop flowing into the top of your head. Allow yourself the luxury of simply sitting in the golden energy of unconditional love for as long as you wish.

Imagine the golden light dissipating as it clears up anything that is cleared and cleansed during this meditation and returning it to you as healing energy. ENJOY!

I’m taking things a little easy for the first few sessions back, this will be welcome news to some of you!!!!

Things of the past are already long gone
And things to be, distant imagining
Be just in this moment, these words:
plum blossoms fallen; gardenia just opening (Ch’ing Kung)

Roll out your mats……see you soon

Love and yoga blessings

Susan xx

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