Festival of Fertility and Union – BELTANE

Namaste all my wonderful friends!

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In the very British tradition, I start by mentioning the weather this month! The days are getting longer, sunnier and we find ourselves flowing towards summer, it’s glorious, just wonderful to be a part of it and all the changes that take place in nature, we are in this transition together!

This month I have purposefully left my news page until the end of the month because tomorrow, Wednesday 1st May is Beltane, a celebration of the potency of the earth and the forces of nature.  This is the beginning of the most active part of the year and the beginning of summer.  All of life is bursting with fertility, sap is rising, birdsong fills the air and growth is everywhere.GN1N1866 GN1N1865

The earth becomes clothed in green.  Beltane is a celebration of sexuality and the fertility that springs from the union of female and male forces.  It is a time for letting passions fly in the  exuberant joy of the moment.  It is a time to express yourself, but also to remember to stay grounded.

Ask yourself what you wish to give energy to? Where will you put your focus? What can you change for the better? What actions can you make that will help the spread of goodwill and love?  All too soon this highly fertile time will be spent, so make the most of its raw energy for initiating plans and visions.  Everything you do now will bring you closer to your goals, as the expansive energy of the moment carries you along!

Some suggestions for Beltane practice during asanas, postures that act on the sacral (svadhistana), solar plexus (manipura) and heart (anahata) centres while abdominal breathing is beneficial for the solar plexus area, mid chest breathing is for the heart centre!

Practice with passionate calm – yoga is not mechanical, and proper breathing will bring an increasingly creative sense to your practice.  It should always feel as though you are learning something new.  Be glad you have the time and inclination to practice.  Be thankful you have discovered yoga.  Celebrate your realisation that the energy, enthusiasm, and attention you bring to your yoga now will benefit all other moments of your life as well.

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Feel yourself expanding and drawing in life energy as you inhale, relaxing inside as you exhale!

Yoga blessings for Beltane………enjoy every moment and maximise your creative potential during the growing season.

See you all on your mats, take a deep breath in and relax out!

Om Shanti

Love Susan x x

Photos by Debbie Harris The Pixel Chef

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