Chew, Chew, Chew

Dear Friends

Feeling refreshed after a few days away recently, much of which was socialising, especially sharing and enjoying mealtimes, I want to write to you about good eating.

The food we put into our body is so important – its our temple.  We have to be mindful of what we eat, and of how we eat.

We need to eat to survive, but food should also be enjoyable.  It’s a gift and we should treat it as such, celebrate and bless it, much as our ancestors might have done when they caught prey or had a successful harvest.  The taste, texture and smell of fresh fruit, vegetables and rich spices are all delights.  Mealtimes are special, and i treat the process of cooking with the same respect.

Some yogis will command you to be a puritanical, teetotal vegetarian but there’s little pleasure in gazing at your fellow diners as they enjoy your preferred dishes, so have what you would like, savour it…….It’s all about balance.

On the whole, we should limit grain-based or carbohydrate-rich foods to no more than a quarter of our overall calorie intake.  Sugary products shouldn’t be a substantial part of what we eat.  Lean meats and fish (if you eat them) are a good source of healthy fats and proteins along with fruit, nuts, eggs and vegetables to make up the best part of our food intake.

Once we have a deeper respect for what we put inside ourselves we are more fully mindful of the cycle of energy and sustenance.

Below is another lovely shake for you to try, it is called Manipura Shake after the third Chakra which is located in the stomach area and affects the digestive system, liver, gall bladder, spleen and pancreas.  If you are blocked or unbalanced in this area, it can cause eating disorders, digestive problems and low energy as well as negative emotions.

Oval shaped brown coconut
Manipura Shake

This helps digestion, and therefore elimination.

60ml (1/4 cup) coconut milk

120ml (1/2 cup) filtered water

2-3 large fresh figs, peeled and cut into small pieces (if you don’t have fresh, use dried)

1 date, pitted and finely chopped (can use dried)

pinch of ground cinnamon

Place all the ingredients in a blender and puree and enjoy!

‘My body is an instrument in, through, and upon which Life plays a divine and perfect harmony.’ ERNEST HOLMES (1887-1960)

I would like to confirm details of two workshops coming up for your diaries as you have been enquiring: Saturday October 15th at Broomhall Country Hotel, the time has changed slightly from 10am to 1pm, Chakras and related postures.  I am also hosting a workshop on Saturday 10th December, same venue, same time and it is ‘Just Relax’ it will include a soothing routine to nurture the body and calm the mind allowing you to take the time to revitalize and renew.  Soften the body and release the mind from worry as you allow yourself the time to truly relax.

My retreat on the North Norfolk Coast is fast approaching and I am looking very forward to hosting the weekend of yoga!

Would like you to now stand up straight, connect your body with the energies of the earth, arms by your sides, spine and neck long. Ground yourself and feel that you are fully present within your own body and breathe slowly and deeply……slowly and deeply…..

Blessings to you all


May all beings everywhere be happy and free

Om peace peace peace

With Love, Susan



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