Celebrating Summer Solstice

A sunny Namaste to all of you xx 

I’m sure you will have been enjoying early summertime from mid May up to today and everything glorious that it brings about. Those feelings of openness and expansiveness allowing our energies to make us enjoy a little more empowerment and sparking our enthusiasm as well as that inward glance to balance the outward fiery time with a little soothing and contemplative rest! 

Here we are now, tomorrow 21 June 2018 and our thoughts turn to celebrating Summer Solstice, the start of summer in Britain! The longest day of the year and the doorway into the second part of the year. The sun is at its maximum elevation. A chance to reconnect to nature, it’s a day associated with power, fertility, happiness, strength, courage, self belief and celebrating the fullness of life.

The word Solstice means stopping or standing still, making it the ideal day to take some time to be still and check in where you are at this mid point of the year. Acknowledge how far you have come this year, notice the achievements you have made, any lessons learned and all of the blessings the first half of the year has already brought to you. Think about the next three months before the next symbolic change in Autumn. You might create another sankalpa, an intention that comes from the heart.

Plant a physical seed you can watch grow along with your sankalpa. A sunflower works perfectly this time of year. Write your sankalpa or anything you wish to say with meaning, even a dream, on a little piece of paper and plant along with the seed, then watch both of them burst into life!

Face East on the morning of the Solstice and do anywhere between 3 and 108 rounds of the Sun Salutation. Even just one reverent bow to the sun will be enough! 

Feel that you are moving and flowing with creative energy of life. Keep your minds eye on an image of the sun and feel the warm glow and the power the sun brings with it.

Eating seasonally is something to stay mindful of too, it’s not only important environmentally but also for digestion. During the summer months, the body prefers to consume light whole foods that take minimal work to break down. Less digestive work means the body is able to stay cooler. Choose organic and no GMO when possible. There are lots of gorgeous fruits and vegetables in season now, so try to make the right choices and the most of it. 

Take your mat outside now as much as possible or better still feel the grass beneath your feet. This fiery time of the year and abundance of energy allow us to be enthused and reflect this in our practice, strong and open poses, including a little rest and restore to remind us of our inward balance too. 

Whatever motivates you, have a little fun now, explore and be inquisitive!! 

…….and remember, Yoga is Life!

My blessings for Summer Solstice to you all with much love for the light.

After the Solstice celebrations I will be posting all the information about my Autumn Yoga Retreat coming up 19-21 October 2018. 

I look forward to sharing yoga with you.

Susan x x 


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