Autumn Blessings

Blessings to you all on the first day of Autumn

We have truly enjoyed a most wonderful summer this year, everything in abundance with glorious weather, allowing us to feel empowered both on and off the mat as well as livelier, more energetic and effervescent! 

Today now marks a turning point and a shift in the seasons as we transition. Summer has come to a close and it’s time to reap what we have sown. As the sun sets earlier and the wind and the rain blow the leaves from the trees, we are reminded it’s a time to let go. We are at a gateway to a new season , a new cycle, in the circle of life. Step into the circle and give thanks as we gather the harvest that will sustain us through the darkness of winter. 

Take this opportunity to invite wonder back into your life as the birth of each new season greets us with new beginnings and reminds us how beautiful change can be. The rustling leaves and the crisp breeze whispering in our ears to show us how lovely it is to let go. 

This is truly a wonderful time of year, something almost magical about autumn. Lets honour and pause to celebrate, feel the spirit of the season living through you and enjoy this time! 

In our practice we turn inward a little more now and look particularly at pranayama (breathing) and meditation as well as poses that allow us to feel grounded through our hands and feet, downward and upward dog, we enjoy some gentle twists to cleanse and forward bends to soothe and calm. We can still enjoy the outdoors, sit and feel the autumn on your face whilst staying mindful of your breath, wrap up and enjoy wooded walks amongst the rainbow of colours that no other season provides quite as much. Enjoy the aromas of distant bonfires, cinnamon, apples, cloves and pumpkins. Snuggle up and sip warming teas and simply enjoy.

I have just one space left now on my Autumn retreat 19-21 October 2018. If you are interested, see my website for details or contact me in the usual way. I will be hosting a wonderful evening of relaxation by candlelight Thursday 13 December 2018 with refreshments after,  this is suitable for all and details will be posted out very soon or contact me to book a place as spaces limited. I also have some very exciting news which I will share with you all in the coming weeks ……. so watch this space! Lastly I am involved in a yoga festival in the new year where I shall be hosting a talk, a workshop and class over a two week period to explain the benefits of yoga including philosophy and a chance to practice as well. 

In addition to the above and my regular weekly classes you are welcome to join me by appointment only at my own studio ‘The Yoga Loft’ where I have 1-1, 1-2, pranayama sessions, relaxation, meditation, Yin Yoga and Yoga Nidra. When the weather permits we are outside in my garden too! 

Embrace and enjoy the autumn because you are part of change too…….

Let nature inspire the light in your heart! 

My autumnal yoga blessings to you all dear friends x x 

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