Anyone for a cup of tea?

We are a nation of tea lovers, a cup of it can do wonders!!

An art form, serenity, peaceful calm and ‘etiquette’ are not necessarily words one would attribute to a cup of tea.

However, In Japan ‘chanoyu’ (cha-no-yu) is a Japanese art form with the focus of preparing and serving a bowl of tea with a pure heart.  It is a ceremony.

The host prepares their home and garden ready for the ritual with meticulous attention to detail for their guests.

What a lovely tradition, a platform for spiritual exchange and a meditative practise for the soul.

So, whatever your tipple, be it nettle, dandelion, rooibos, white, green, earl grey or ‘just tea’ the next time you have a guest/s round, fill up the kettle, take a moment to reflect and make it an enjoyable occasion of hospitality with mindfulness!

When both the host
and guests have exchanged
their minds,

Only then does the
water truly boil.

Since the garden path
is a way

Beyond this
transient world

Why not shake off the dust

Which soils the mind?

What is tea?

Simply boiling water,

Making tea and drinking it.

Know that this
is fundamental.

The garden path,
the hut, the hosts and guests

All are whipped together
in the tea and are without

Sen no Rikiyo

I am ready for my evening practice having had a busy day for which I am thankful.  I remember one of my first yoga teachers saying to me ‘to be thankful you are able to be busy’ these wise words remind me.

I was sipping my mint tea whilst writing this for my news page today (you have probably already realised how much I enjoy mint from my first blogg page) but I also LOVE Earl Grey, Cammomile and Green Tea.  I am a contented yogi when I have had mine!

Lie on your yoga mat – breathe deeply in energy, breathe out tension and r e l a x .

Have a great weekend.

With love and light

Susan xx

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